ATM Locator

We have machines conveniently located at each of our branch locations. All these machines in our network are surcharge-free to our Greater Iowa members. At these machines, you can conduct many transactions such as get cash, check balances, transfer between accounts and deposit money (only at certain machines). 

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Privileged Status
Privileged Status 
We know that getting your money through ATMs is important. We also know that it shouldn’t cost an arm and leg to use the ATM you choose. That’s why we’re pleased to be a part of the Privileged Status program. Our membership in Privileged Status is an extra benefit of having your ATM or debit card with us. Just look for the Privileged Status logo at ATMs, and you won’t pay a surcharge fee!

For International Use (GICU ATM cards cannot be used internationally)
For international use, members must have a GICU debit card (not cirrus logojust an ATM card) as international ATM machines are included through the MasterCard network. Look for the Cirrus logo or use the MasterCard ATM locator for international usage.