Corporate Philanthropy

Greater Iowa has a long history of providing support to worthy organizations and scholarships to deserving students. The credit union's board of directors oversees a philanthropic program as part of its corporate giving and educational partnership committee. As such, the credit union responds to requests from non-profit organizations with donations for corporate gifts.  
In addition, the credit union sponsors a variety of scholarship opportunities and educational initiatives, such as Project Future: the Roxann Harmon Memorial Scholarship, the Warren Morrow Latino Educational Scholarship and Project Classroom, the latter a program of grants to K-5 teachers in schools throughout our field of membership.
Greater Iowa also provides an annual corporate match to the United Way affiliates in branch communities. Each year the credit union provides a 100% match of employee contributions.
To apply for funding, please fill out an online application.
Community giving requests
Community giving donations are designated as a response to smaller requests from non-profit organizations within the credit union's field of membership with special emphasis given to requests from members. Requests are reviewed by an employee committee.
Corporate gifts
Corporate gifts are available to non-profit organizations within the field of membership that are seeking significant support for specific projects or ongoing operational expense. Special attention is given to those organizations that contribute to the strategic advancement of the credit union and its mission. Requests are reviewed by the Corporate Giving-Educational Partnership Committee, which is composed of members of the credit union’s board of directors.
Social issue grants
Social issue grants provide support to organizations, individuals or groups within the credit union's branch communities which seek to address essential societal needs, such as financial literacy, homelessness, domestic violence and environmentalism. Grants are intended for one-time support, but may at the CEO's discretion, extend to an ongoing basis. Grant requests are reviewed by the credit union’s management and the Corporate Giving-Educational Partnership Committee.
If you have any questions about these programs, please contact Linda Gibbs at, the marketing staff at, or call 1.800.296.9064, ext. 3088.