ProjectMoney 2014


ProjectMoney 2014
Saturday, November 15 - 8 a.m. to noon
Iowa State University, Gerdin Business Building
Project Registration Deadline: November 7
Registration Fee: None


First Place: $500 cash
Second Place: $250 cash
Third Place: $100 cash
ProjectMoney draws its inspiration from the concept of the classic science fair: Students choose a subject and explore it through the creation of an original project, but rather than science, students explore the realm of financial literacy. This program is open to any high school student in Iowa.
What is financial literacy?
Financial literacy is a movement that seeks to increase an individual’s knowledge about money and its role in personal finances. It is about helping people, young and old, navigate the increasingly complex world of money and how it can be used wisely. Take the traditional definition of literacy – the ability to read, write and understand – and apply it to money.
The Iowa legislature mandated that all Iowa schools add a financial literacy component to school curricula by 2012.
Chosing a Topic
As for the ProjectMoney Financial Literacy Fair, there are no shortage of personal finance topics to explore: credit cards, mortgages, leases, savings, investments, interest earnings, CDs, IRAs, credit unions, banks, vendors of online financial services, emergency funding, the list goes on.

There are questions to be answered and problems to be solved. Are today’s schools adequately teaching students how to handle money? Are families doing a good job? How has our lack of financial literacy as society contributed to recent financial problems? Does our government have a role in increasing the financial literacy of its citizens? Should you be able to get that information where you work?
Registration is available online. Projects can be presented by individuals or teams of 4 or less students. There is no registration fee. The project registration deadline has been extended to Friday, November 7.
Entry Development
Once you’ve chosen a topic, you can do anything you’d like to explain, analyze or offer a solution. You can develop the classic display with illustrations, data, analysis and narrative; or you can produce a video, write a song, produce a play, develop a PowerPoint, create software. Be sure to review the judging criteria before completing your project.
Click HERE for a list of format and subject ideas.
Here's a sample of a video: The Credit Card Fraud Song

For questions about ProjectMoney, email or call 515.956.3085.