ProjectMoney Judging Criteria


Judging Criteria

Creativity (25 points)
Does the project take a unique approach to the explanation of a financial literacy concept or the solution of a problem resulting in dramatic impact? Does the use of materials or medium extend beyond the ordinary or expected and result in visual, technical, or theatrical appeal? The successful student project will be original and attention-getting.
Knowledge of Issue (25 points)
Does the student demonstrate a complete understanding of the issue? Is the student prepared to answer judges’ questions about the project topic? Does the student show enthusiasm for sharing knowledge about the project? The successful student will be able to speak knowledgeably about his/her project for two to three minutes.
Use of data/research (15 points)
Has the student incorporated research and data into the production of his/her project? When used in the project development or during the oral presentation, is the research or data clearly presented and easily understood? Does the student apply research toward the analysis of the project issue? The successful student will incorporate research and data into the project and be able to cite sources and be able to explain its meaning to the chosen topic or solution of a financial literacy problem.
Clarity (15 points)
On its own, is the project easily understood? Are issues, problems, research and conclusions clearly stated and display logical thinking? Is the student able to clearly communicate the nature of the financial literacy issue or problem during the project presentation and oral judging? The successful student will present the topic, research, analysis and conclusions in a logical and understandable manner.
Value to the Community (20 points)
Does the project contribute to the individual’s and community’s financial literacy? Is the project relevant to the topic of financial literacy? Does the project and/or its conclusion have the potential to change an individual’s or a community’s behavior regarding personal finance? The successful student project will contribute to the development of solutions to financial literacy problems.
As part of the judging, each student will be asked for a two minute explanation of their topic, followed by a three minute question and answer period.