ProjectMoney Rules



ProjectMoney Rules:

  • Project can be no larger than 4’ x 30” x 4’
  • No chemicals, flammable materials are allowed; liquids must be contained.
  • Students are responsible for all equipment and construction needs, such as display materials, computers, audio-visual equipment, extension cords, etc.
  • The use of software, DVDs, PowerPoint, CD-ROM or other technology is permitted.
  • Projects requiring electricity are permissible; requests must be submitted to fair organizers by October 24. (Contact the marketing department at Greater Iowa at 515.956.3085 or send an email to
  • Any theatrical presentation or performance will occur in a designated area for judging. Fair organizers will contact you prior to the fair to arrange judging time and location. All live performances should be accompanied by a video of the performance, so it can be viewed by the visiting public.
  • Students are responsible for setting up and removing their projects from the fair.
  • Fair organizers are not responsible for any broken, lost or stolen materials.
  • To be eligible for the prize money, you must be present the day of the fair and presenting your project. No one may present the project on your behalf.