Banzai Financial Literacy Program

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It's all about trial and error. In Banzai, you make choices and experience the consequences of your actions in a fun and safe environment. Each course presents you with dilemmas and puzzles tailored to your age and situation.

As part of the eligibility requirements for Greater Iowa's Land-A-Grand Scholarship is completing the Banzai Financial Literacy Program. Please note, you do not have to complete all four modules at one time. The program saves your work and you can return to complete them at any time, however all components must be completed by April 23 to qualify for the scholarship.

Here are the login instructions:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on GET STARTED in the upper right corner. Select your age and click CONTINUE. Fill in your name and create a username and password.

  3. Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and then click on SIGN UP. This will bring you to the main menu screen showing the four modules of the Banzai program.

  4. Complete the PRETEST module.

  5. Complete the LIFE SCENERIOS module.

  6. Start THE GAME.
    Your objective is to save $2000 for your college fund. The game will take you through a series of scenarios and choices of how to spend your money. Good luck!
  7. Complete the POSTTEST.
    See how much you've learned! Remember, the scholarship application has several questions referencing the topics covered.
  8. Once the Banzai program has been completed, you are ready to apply for the Land-A-Grand Scholarship.

Land-A-Grand Scholarship Application