2017-2018 Board Candidates

The Greater Iowa Credit Union Board of Directors consists of nine members is responsible for directing the credit union in accordance with State and Federal regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities, and ensuring that the financial needs and expectations of the credit union membership are being addressed and met. Directors serve a three-year term unless otherwise filling a vacated position on the board. Elections are held each year during the credit union's annual meeting.

For the 2017-2018 board year, four openings will be filled including 3 three-year term positions and 1 one-year term position. Below are the candidates who have applied for the open board positions.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.


Ashraf Bastawas - Ames
GICU Member Since: 1999
Employer: Iowa State University
Occupation: T.A. Wilson, Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union:
I have utilized GICU for close to 20 years and almost personally know many of its employees. I have enjoyed the many services that the GICU provide and the new products and services that are being introduced. Having initiated such extended relationship, I would like to participate in the decision making process to further the service and products offered to a unique customer base of professionals who value the quality and diversity if the service while do not afford the time for frequent changes of their financial institution, or to shop around for such service. With such extended relationship, I feel also that I have very diverse technical background that would bring different prospective to the decision process from a practical engineering prospective. Having a board member with mathematical, statistical and engineering problem solving mind set would further enrich the board deliberation and discussion. With my current established stature at the university, I think the time has come to give back to the community and afford to spare few hours to serve this great institution that has served our financial needs for so many years. 

What do you feel would be your greatest contribution to Greater Iowa Credit Union?
Advocate unique services and financial vehicles (especially saving and investment products) that would serve the need of the unique professional members of the GICU. Enjoy great interpersonal relations and bringing conflicting views to bear on a unified decision. I have brought to ISU the 2010 Society of Engineering Sciences International meeting and acted as its meeting chair, and managed all the logistic and financial details of 400 attendee meeting. I have also served as the associate chair for the Aerospace engineering department from 2012-2015, overseeing graduate admission and the department research portfolio. I have developed a large diverse research group in the general area of micro and nano mechanics with total funding reaching $10M.


Karlos Kirby – Des Moines
Greater Iowa member since: 2007
Employer: City of Des Moines
Occupation: Firefighter

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union:
As an active member of GICU, I consider this a great opportunity to help/serve the staff and fellow members. I have a number of years of experience working on different boards and commissions ranging from local and state to national. I have a passion for helping and I personally value what the GICU Board does. Additionally, I believe my living in Des Moines adds a perspective that may get lost in an Ames dominated organization.

What do you feel would be your greatest contribution to Greater Iowa Credit Union?
I bring a Des Moines perspective to GICU. Along with previous experience serving on the GICU Board of Directors (as well as a number of other Boards and committees).


Paul Miller – Urbandale
Greater Iowa member since:
Employer: Waukee Insurance Services
Occupation: Insurance Agent, Printing, Property Management

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union:
I enjoy the services provided and the credit union member model of business as it compares to other financial institutions having been an active member for many years. I work hard to add value to every board and organization in which I belong.  I am very interested in being a part of the continued solid growth of GICU.

What do you feel would be your greatest contribution to Greater Iowa Credit Union?
As a diversified Des Moines area small businessman in many industries (personal and commercial insurance, print manufacture, delivery, sales, real estate, construction, property management) I offer a broad range of professional experience to pull from. I am a member of many of these industry trade organizations as well as local and national civic and charitable organizations and hold several board and volunteering positions. Being a member of GICU while also using the services of many other financial institutions assists in my broader perspective. I feel my greatest contribution to GICU is my well rounded business and organizational experience, which is molded by my natural tendency to volunteer, Iowa sensibility and my local family.


Jennifer Tebbe - Ellsworth
Greater Iowa member since: 2011
Employer: Q2 Software for Financials
Occupation: Client Experience Manager

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union:
I have worked in the financial industry for 10 years and have learned the value of a credit union and developed a passion for the credit union philosophy. As a current member and past employee, I want nothing more to see GICU experience continued growth and success. I understand how important this is in allowing them to expand and diversify their offerings to help as many community members as possible. My goal is to do what I can each day to have a positive impact on those that I interact with. I believe that GICU shares this goal with its dedication by continuing to act small as they grow larger.

What do you feel would be your greatest contribution to Greater Iowa Credit Union?
Perspective, passion, dedication. I think I could add value by providing perspectives based on my experience in customer/member service, management, the financial industry, design, visual literacy, and financial literacy. I believe there is much to be learned from past experiences that can help as you plan for the future. Although industries vary greatly, there are universal trends and ideas that can, at times, be applied to improve processes and offerings. In my current occupation, I work with small financial institutions throughout the United States to help them maximize the benefits as well as the efficiencies of their digital banking plan. I can also provide perspective from GICU’s target market. I am financially conscientious, and have worked closely with members in the past who have struggled with their finances due to a lack of education, luck or training. It is my passion to do what I can to improve their situations.


Mike Welter – Story City (Incumbent)
Greater Iowa member since: 1995
Employer: Story Construction Co
Occupation: General Contractor

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union:
I want to first thank the GICU members for trusting me with their vote and electing me the previous two times I ran. I have learned a lot and I feel that I have contributed to the success of the GICU through my past participation in the Executive (as Treasurer), Credit, ALCO, and Audit Committees. Greater Iowa has accomplished a lot, not only financially, but by reaching out to the community with new branches, new programs, and new tools. This approach has translated into new members, more deposits, and new markets. I want to continue to bring my voice and experience to the GICU and build on the momentum and success that we have achieved together."

What do you feel would be your greatest contribution to Greater Iowa Credit Union?
I am an engineer by education and a business man through my 35 years involved in building and running a construction company. I believe that I bring a valuable private industry and common man perspective to the financial world that is the GICU.

don wirth

Don Wirth - Ames (Incumbent)
Greater Iowa member since: 1979
Employer: Retired CFO WOI/Iowa Public Radio

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union:
I have been a member of the credit union for more than 30 years. During that time I have used numerous services. I have been impressed with the credit union’s dedication to service and assistance to members and the community. During the past 6 years, I have served as a director of the credit union. This has allowed me to learn more about the operations and to contribute to enhancing the services we are able to provide. My years of experience working in the financial management areas for public service and volunteer organizations has helped me to bring a level of knowledge and inquisitiveness to the credit union board that has facilitated greater discussion and exploration of many complicated board decisions.

What do you feel would be your greatest contribution to Greater Iowa Credit Union?
An inquisitive mind. One of my greatest talents is to get people to explore ideas from multiple perspectives. Often people come to a problem with a preconceived idea of a solution. I am often able to facilitate a discussion that will help refine and perhaps re-direct the solution that eliminates potential problems and/or develops greater team buy into the chosen solution.