2018-2019 Board Candidates

The Greater Iowa Credit Union Board of Directors consists of nine members is responsible for directing the credit union in accordance with State and Federal regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities, and ensuring that the financial needs and expectations of the credit union membership are being addressed and met. Directors serve a three-year term unless otherwise filling a vacated position on the board. Elections are held each year during the credit union's annual meeting.

For the 2018-2019 board year, there are three open board positions, each serving a three-year term. Below are the candidates who were approved by the board and are eligible for the open board positions. Member voting will take place at the Annual Meeting & Board Elections on Saturday, February 10 at 5:30 p.m. at the Scheman Building on the Iowa State campus in Ames.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Bastawas headshot

Ashraf Bastawas - Ames (Incumbent)
Employer: Iowa State University
Occupation: T.A. Wilson, Professor of Engineering

Why I would like to continue service as a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union?
After serving on the board for a year, I came to realize how heavily Credit Unions are regulated. Though, I found that there are many opportunities to provide new insight for continued growth and acceptable levels of risks. I would like to continue to participate in the decision making process to further the service and products offered to the unique GICU customer base. I also feel that having a diverse technical background would continue to bring different prospective to the decision process from a practice engineering standpoint.

Grapp headshot

MaryAnn Grapp – Ames
Employer: Iowa State University
Occupation: Program Coordinator

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union?
I hope to serve on the Greater Iowa Credit Union (GICU) board to help strengthen the credit union and to increase awareness throughout central Iowa by sharing the benefits of membership. I joined GICU ten years ago because it is member-owned and exists to serve our needs. We pool our resources in a not-for-profit financial cooperative that benefits and serves Iowans. Our local economy is stronger when our money stays in Iowa. GICU keeps economic activity local and I believe it can continue to expand in this role.

Lange headshot

Mary Daily Lange - Windsor Heights
Employer: self-employed
Occupation: facilitator

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union?
We have been members of GICU for many years, but didn't realize until recently the extensive services available. We had occasion to apply for a home improvement loan at a bank and were misled about most aspects of the transaction and then denied the application. Subsequently, we applied at GICU and were given accurate and complete information at a much better interest rate. Later we combined several obligations and secured a loan from GICU at a significantly better interest rate. The process was handled professionally and speedily. Not only did we have the help we needed at that time which has improved our financial situation, but it was handled with predictability and speed as well as confidentiality.

McKim headshot

William (Bill) McKim - Ames
Employer: Midland Power Cooperative
Occupation: CEO

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union?
I am privileged to have 17 years of professional work experience at member-owned, not-for-profit cooperatives. Seven of these years were spent as Director of Marketing/Member Services at an electric cooperative in southeast Iowa, and January 2018 marks ten years that I've served as CEO of an electric cooperative here in north-central Iowa. Over this time, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and appreciation for the cooperative business model and its members-first philosophy.

Sacco headshot

Carla Sacco - Ames

Employer: Hunziker & Associates
Occupation: Realtor

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union?
I think it would be very  interesting to be a director at GICU. I have been Involved with credit unions and banks for years in various professional positions, from being an accountant at both ISU and Texas A&M University to being a Realtor and assisting residential owners and Investors in purchasing properties. I hope that I will bring a unique perspective to Issues that come up at the credit union. My education is in Accounting and Management Information Systems; I have an interest in financial systems.

I feel that my personal values line up with GICU's philosophy of being of service. As a Realtor, my clients are very important to me and I value our relationships. GICU Is a local business that Is focused on its members and employees along with the community and that Is appealing to me. I am wary of big banks that are working for a profit and not concerned with their customers. I think other people share that view and are looking for an alternative; some may not even realize what a credit union offers. I would be excited to continue to promote GICU In a new capacity.

Ulmer headshot

Michael Ulmer - Ames
Employer: Danfoss
Occupation: Plant Manager - Operations

Why I would like to be a director of Greater Iowa Credit Union?
Since joining the Ames community 3 years ago, I have looked for opportunities to serve and become more involved with the community and to expand my network with other local professionals. I feel this opportunity to join the GICU board would be an excellent way to achieve this goal and also share my background and experiences while learning new skills to broaden my knowledge.