Required Identification

Greater Iowa Credit Union is federally mandated to require proper forms of identification to open an account. For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of acceptable primary and alternative identifications. In some cases, a member will be required to present a social security card.

In addition to identification, a $5 deposit is required to open an account. This is considered your "share" in the credit union, and is kept in your savings account.

One of the following is required. The ID must be valid, CANNOT be expired and must have a picture of the individual:
  • State issued driver’s license
  • State issued ID card
  • Current military ID
  • Passport
  • Government-issued national identification card containing evidence of nationality or permanent residence, (e.g. Cedula card or Matricula card)
  • Alien identification Card (Alien Card)
Alternate identifications may be required in addition to the primary identification. Greater Iowa may request additional identification if deemed necessary:
  • Iowa ID card
  • Out of state driver’s license
  • Social Security card
  • Local photo credit card
  • Bank photo check cashing card
  • Local company employee photo
  • Club membership card
  • ID card birth certificate
  • Non-photo credit card
  • Debit card
  • ATM card
  • Union ID card
  • Out of state ID card
  • Utility bill
  • Organization membership card
  • Voter’s registration card
  • Estate tax bill
  • Federal tax bill
  • Automobile registration
  • Current payroll stub with Social Security number and current address
  • Medicare card
  • Medicaid card
  • Certificate of naturalization
  • Employment authorization card (I-688B or I-766)
  • Temporary resident card (I-688)
  • Other INS documentation (e.g. an I20)