The Co-op Philosophy

So What’s A Co-Op?

Quite simply, it’s us – and more than us. It’s something greater. On the outside, cooperatives look like any other business but how that business is run is vastly different.

We are not-for-profit. A very different financial services business approach. Instead of making money for people who are not members, who may not live and work in the same communities as or even have their hard-earned money on deposit alongside our owner-members, we reinvest our proceeds back into the cooperative. This ensures better rates, less fees and greater overall returns for our membership.

And we’re called members versus customers for very good reason. All who are served by the cooperative have a voice, a vote in how the credit union is managed. We members are all owners who share in the returns.

All of this is based on a very simple but very powerful philosophy – we are stronger together.