Mobile Security: Tips for keeping your phone secure

Hackers and scammers have moved beyond tormenting your home computer and set their sights on a much smaller (but far more vital) target - your smartphone. Here's some important steps you can take to protect yourself on your phone.

Always update your software:

The reason you get so many little updates is because apps from major developers are constantly receiving security updates. Google and Microsoft update every two weeks, usually with minor bug fixes and security updates, but they’ll update more frequently if security risks dictate it. The frequency of those updates is the best security you have for the software you use on your phone every day. The biggest security issues are covered in operating system updates. Most phones will notify you when their operating system needs to be updated. Take the time to update — it’s worth it.

Think about what Wi-Fi you connect to:

Although it's easy to connect at coffee shops or restaurant, it can actually open you up to more vulnerability. You don't know the last time they replaced their router or checked for viruses, which can make the connection questionable. If you're going to do anything beyond checking a score or social media, it might be best to stay on your LTE or 4G network. For things like email, banking or shipping, you'll definitely want to stay off the public Wi-Fi.

Reconsider what you do on your phone:

If you told your younger self that you had a personal computer in your pocket at all times, and that you put your most private secrets in it – from medical information to intimate conversations and financial data – and sent them into an invisible network that then ran your it through servers (in a location you don’t know), would your younger self be impressed?

If you want to protect your information online, you need to use the kinds of software that are built with security protocols and frequent updates. Instead of accessing online banking through a browser, use our online banking app. We have found the best software security providers in the business and built layer after layer to protect your information. Our app also lets you deposit checks with your camera, make transfers, track your spending, or do virtually anything else you could do in our physical branch locations. Most importantly, it’s still us on the other end – we put service for members ahead of profits, so you know we’re not going to cut corners on security.