What if I forget my PIN?

GICU members can now use the PIN Now system and update their PIN with one simple phone call.

PIN Now - Call 866.985.2273

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must call from one of the phone numbers GICU has on file for you. Cardholder must also have the physical card to complete the process.

• Debit card number
• Last 4 digits of the primary account holder’s social security number or ITIN number
• Card expiration date
• Three-digit security code (CVC code) on the back of the card

The interactive voice system will prompt you to enter the information noted above. Once completed, the new PIN will be active immediately.

Not sure which phone number or social security/ITIN number GICU has on file for you? We can help. Just give our contact center a call at 800.296.9064.

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