News - 2020

  • Are We in a Recession and How Will It Affect Me?

    posted September 16, 2020 in Articles

    The fact that we're in a recession is everywhere. Since this one was caused by the pandemic and not some actual economic force, we may see a faster recovery. The economy had been expanding for more than 10 years before the pandemic hit, and all the signs are that we'll get back to that once the crisis passes. The recovery won't be as quick as originally projected thanks to persistent outbreaks, but there is a real reason for optimism.

  • Financial Education Resources

    posted August 26, 2020 in Blogs

    If you're similar to the majority of the general population, you probably didn't learn how to do your taxes, build good credit or obtain a loan while in school — at least not as intentionally as you were told to study algebra. Here at Greater Iowa, we have always made it a priority to weave financial literacy into our daily services and programs.

  • Should I Pay Bills with a Credit Card?

    posted August 24, 2020 in Articles

    You might have thought monthly bill paying is easier by using a credit or debit card, and it can be a great idea if you do it right. You can rack up rewards points, build your credit score, have payments post quickly, get purchase protection, and track your spending. But….you can also push your credit utilization too high, and end up with big interest charges if you can't pay the credit card off in full each month.

  • Ankeny Branch Location Announced

    posted August 22, 2020 in Press Releases

    You asked and we listened...GICU is coming to Ankeny!

  • East Des Moines Branch Remodel

    posted August 17, 2020 in Press Releases

    Our East Des Moines branch was added to the Greater Iowa Credit Union portfolio in 2003 and we've loved being part of the vibrant and thriving community. We know this dramatic transformation will allow us to better serve the community and our members on a daily basis.

  • Member Newsletter - Summer 2020

    posted August 1, 2020 in Member Newsletters

    Check out the latest GICU news here!