News - 2020

  • What's the Best Way to Pay Off Debt? Snowball vs Avalanche Method

    posted July 2, 2020 in Articles

    Would you prefer an avalanche or a snowball? We're talking about paying off your debt. In the snowball method, you pay off the smallest debt first, then move to the next smallest, etc. The avalanche method works the same way, but you take the debts in order of highest interest rate. You'll achieve quicker gratification with the snowball method, but the avalanche method can save you big bucks. If you're confused, there are online calculators that can help you decide which one to choose...

  • Is it Time to Refinance Your Auto Loan?

    posted June 19, 2020 in Blogs

    Refinancing can seem like a foreign language to you until you do a little research to learn what it means, when to do it and how you can benefit from it. Have no fear, we've done the leg work for you!

  • How GICU is Tackling the Digital Revolution

    posted June 18, 2020 in Press Releases

    Never before have credit unions confronted a more challenging competitive landscape. Digital lending and online account origination are no longer things credit unions must work toward – they're a minimum requirement to compete and remain relevant. Learn how GICU is setting the standard.

  • 2020 Land-a-Grand Winners Announced

    posted June 15, 2020 in Press Releases

    GICU's five 2020 Land-a-Grand $1,000 scholarship winners announced.

  • 8 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day at Home

    posted June 11, 2020 in Articles

    Do you plan on being stuck inside during Father's Day? We have some ideas to help you celebrate dad at home!

  • Father's Day Gifts That Mean Everything and Cost Almost Nothing

    posted June 2, 2020 in Articles

    We have some nifty ideas to help you celebrate dad this Father's Day without overspending. Sometimes the most meaningful gifts can cost nothing, but mean everything! Whether it's working on an activity together, an inexpensive gift, making something, or going to an event, we have plenty of ideas to help you show dad how much you appreciate him.