• How to Work from Home

    posted March 27, 2020 in Articles

    Are you working from home due to the coronavirus emergency? If you're new to the game, we've got some helpful tips that will keep you productive.

  • Financial Book Review: You Need a Budget by Jesse Mecham

    posted March 13, 2020 in Articles

    If budgeting is a constant struggle for you, try out You Need A Budget, by Jesse Mecham. Rather than telling you exactly what to do with your money, he sets out simple rules that you can follow whatever your lifestyle or economic circumstances. He addresses budgeting as a couple, teaching kids about money and gives personal accounts from people who've used the system. Give it a read!

  • Avoiding Scams during the 2020 Census

    posted March 4, 2020 in Articles

    The 2020 census will be here soon, and scammers will be on the hunt for your personal info. We've got what you need to know to steer clear of fake census takers!

  • Doorbell Security Cameras Not So Secure

    posted February 11, 2020 in Articles

    “Smart home” devices like Ring and Nest can be great conveniences, and the home security features are excellent, but they're also a playground for hackers and scammers. Users who don't change the default passwords or who use passwords that have been hacked on other sites can fall prey to these scammers. They might try to trick your children into unsafe actions, tamper with your home's controls or just spy on you and listen for useful information.

  • Phishing, Vishing and Smishing Scam Prevention Tips

    posted January 16, 2020 in Articles

    We want 2020 to be a year for our members to chase their dreams, not their stolen identities. We've provided a list of the latest forms of scams to equip you to recognize scam attempts.

  • How to Set-Up Travel Alerts with GICU

    posted January 16, 2020 in Articles

    Planning a vacation? Don't forget to set up and notify GICU of your travel plans to ensure your credit and debit cards can be used without a hitch.