How to celebrate Memorial Day on a budget

posted May 25, 2022 in Articles

Celebrating Memorial Day can cost a pretty penny, but there’s no need to spend wildly to have an epic holiday weekend. Here’s how to celebrate Memorial Day on a budget.

1. Hit the beach

Get out to the shore at the first opportunity! The beach can provide hours of relaxation and fun for the family at little or no cost. Stock up on some inexpensive patriotic-patterned towels to make the day a little more festive.

2. Host a potluck

If you are hosting this Memorial Day, make it a potluck. Ask each guest to bring one dish for a complete dinner that doesn’t cost anyone a lot of money. As a bonus, the menu is a lot more fun when it’s varied and prepared by many different cooks.

3. Go easy on the decor

There is no need to blow a ton of money to make your Memorial Day celebration look festive. Spruce up the place with some red, white, and blue balloons from the dollar store, and add some festive banners for a complete patriotic look.

4. Make a signature drink

Instead of setting up a full bar, make one signature drink for the night. You can find some great drink recipes online

5. Look for coupons

Don’t go anywhere without first checking if you must pay full price. Pick up some great discounts on restaurant meals, entertainment venues, and more on websites like

6. Host a DIY sports event

For a fun and frugal alternative to the traditional Memorial Day BBQ, invite family and friends over to your place, or meet up at a park for a day of sports and games. You can play flag football and soccer, have a tug-of-war competition or even drum up a full baseball game.

7. Visit historical sites

What better way to spend Memorial Day than checking out historical attractions? Many historical sites host free events in honor of the three-day holiday. 

8. Rent a boat

Enjoy a day out on the water at little cost by renting a boat from a nearby boat rental service or a private owner. Bring along some snacks and drinks and good music for a fantastic day of water fun. 

Use these tips to enjoy a memorable holiday weekend on a budget!