Staycation Ideas Your Family is Sure to Love

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posted May 22, 2020 in Blogs

Let’s face it, this year has looked and felt unlike any other we’ve experienced, and unfortunately there’s a strong chance a lot of that is going to carry over into the summer months. Events postponed, sports cancelled, gatherings of any kind are risky..what’s left?

During these times when it seems like we’re running out of things to do to occupy our days, we could all use a little inspiration to get creative with our families. We’ve come up with a list of things you can do on a budget that are sure to make lasting memories for you and your kiddos.

Progressive dinner

This one can be a little dangerous depending on your family’s skill level in the kitchen, but it’s guaranteed to be fun and it gets you out of cooking a whole meal for the night! Write down the various pieces of a meal: drink, appetizer, side dish, main dish, dessert, etc. Then have each member of your family pick one or two from a hat to prepare for dinner. They get to pick whatever they would like with no help from mom or dad. Will everything go together? No. Will everything taste good? Slim chance. But it’s sure to fill up your family’s creativity bucket at no cost to you.

Tip: Make up a fun name for the dinner and make it an traditional family event! Take photos, write down the menu and ages of your family members for a fun memory book as they grow.

Paint a pot

Visit your local hardware or craft store, or look online if needed for simple terracotta flower pots and some paint. While this idea requires a few supplies, it will last for years to come. You could even have your littles pick out their own paint colors if you’d like. Lay down some plastic sheeting or just an old bedsheet in the grass and let them go to town on their little works of art. Then, once dry you can plant them up with a flower of their choosing and it can become theirs to take care of all summer long!

Camp out in your own backyard

We don’t know about you guys, but some of our fondest memories as kids was pitching a tent in the backyard, taking a bunch of snacks and games to the tent and playing for hours by the light from a flashlight. Ghost stories, bonfires, hotdogs and s’mores are also highly recommended.

Scavenger Hunt

These can be so much fun for all ages, and can be taken it in many different directions! Whether you plan out a whole list of items for people to search for, or you spontaneously take a family walk and have your kids find things in nature along the way. It’s a great way to get moving and interacting with each other in a safe way.

Tip: This can even become educational! Whether you’re playing inside or outside, you can have your kids find something that starts with a certain letter of the alphabet or that is a certain color..the options are endless!

Make a backyard waterpark

Kids love the water and will appreciate any time they get to spend in it. Whether you just have a hose to entertain with or you have a giant pool with a slide, they’re going to love it! There are a lot of creative ways to turn your backyard into a waterpark using things you may already have on hand. But in the end, a good ole fashioned water balloon fight can be all you need. They can be messy but the pure joy they bring is worth the hour it takes to pick up all the little fragments of balloon.

Tip: Looking to fill up a bunch of balloons but don’t want to spend the time? Check this out. It fills the balloons and take the art of tying them out of the equation.

Turn your backyard into a ballpark

Grill hotdogs and make some popcorn and lemonade while wearing your favorite teams gear for a good ole fashioned family baseball, t-ball, or whiffle ball game, whatever suits your fancy!

What other fun ideas have you and your family have been enjoying so far? Be sure to share in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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