A Statement to GICU Members Regarding Skimming Fraud

posted June 18, 2018 in Press Releases

Last week, Greater Iowa learned that some of our members’ debit cards had been compromised due to fraud sometime around Memorial Day weekend. At least one skimmer, a device used by scammers to illegally obtain the card information of unknowing ATM users, was found on a gas station ATM located across the street from our West Des Moines branch. Our West Des Moines ATM has been inspected by Greater Iowa staff, the West Des Moines Police and by the hardware manufacturer.  No skimmer or any physical evidence of a skimmer was found.

However, our card processor was able to identify members that may have very well had their debit cards compromised in the 22nd Street area in West Des Moines.  While our ATM was found to be free of skimmers,  it is possible that there may have been a skimmer on our ATM and others in this area of West Des Moines at some point. 

It is important to note that the only information compromised with a skimming device involves the debit card itself, not account or personal information. Once the compromised card is shut off, those who illegally obtained the card information can no longer use it.

Through the diligent work of our staff, we have been able to issue new cards and have refunded lost monies to those who have reported fraudulent transactions and order cards for members that may have had their card compromised but have not seen any fraud on their accounts. GICU will continue to closely monitor the accounts of those potentially affected.

Additionally, we will continue to work with local authorities to aid in any criminal investigation. At this time, two arrests have been made in connection with fraud in the 22nd Street area of West Des Moines.  

Greater Iowa maintains rigorous safety protocols to ensure the safety of our members' personal and financial information. The regular review of our ATMs is part of standard procedure.