CEO speaks to students about entrepreneurship

posted April 21, 2016 in Press Releases

Greater Iowa’s president and CEO Scott Zahnle spoke to a group of Gilbert High School students on Wednesday, April 20 about entrepreneurship and business lending. Members of the Principles of Business class are working on a quarter-long project of creating their own small business, which includes a business plan for how they will garner funding.

Greater Iowa's president and CEO Scott Zahnle speaking to a group of Gilbert High School students

Zahnle talked about several options for the students, including business loans from a financial institution, angel investors and venture capitalists. “You may start out with your own savings and then reach out to family for start-up funds,” said Zahnle. “But there are additional options out there when the bank of mom and dad closes.”

The students’ ideas include selling t-shirts, providing after-school snacks and organizing a dodgeball tournament. Any profits their business earns will be given to a charity of their choice.

In addition to their business project, the Principles of Business class will also be utilizing the Banzai Financial Education program. Greater Iowa is providing financial literacy materials to area high schools to help educate young people to become fiscally responsible; the online course uses life scenarios to introduce financial challenges they are likely to face as adults.

The Principles of Business class is taught by business teacher Andy Eckert.