2022-2023 Board of Directors

posted February 23, 2023 in Press Releases

Greater Iowa Credit Union announced its 2023-2024 Board of Directors on February 20, 2023 at its 91st Annual Meeting via a live-streamed virtual meeting. Rob Bowers, Geri Derner, and John Villotti have each been re-elected for another term on the Board of Directors by the GICU membership.  They join our six existing board members: Mike Wahlin, Linda Ashby, Pol Herrmann, Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal, Annie Arbuckle, and Dr. Michael Crum.  Halei Anthofer and Abbie Miller also joined the born as new associate directors.

The Greater Iowa Credit Union Board of Directors consists of nine volunteer members who are elected by the general membership and deal with matters of overall strategy and policy. The Board is responsible for directing the credit union in accordance with State and Federal regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities, and ensuring that the financial needs and expectations of the credit union membership are being addressed and met.  All members of the Board of Directors must remain informed through education and training regarding local, state, and national credit union matters in order to ensure that they possess adequate knowledge of the affairs of the credit union.

The Greater Iowa Credit Union Board of Directors has two roles at the credit union - director and member. As a director, each will serve a three-year term unless otherwise filling a vacated position on the board. As a member, each director is not entitled to better service or better rates than any other member.

Board Committees may make recommendations to the full board regarding the use of credit union assets, policies, and pricing and thus set the credit union's direction. Directors collectively make the decisions and approvals.

Email for the board can be sent to greateriowaboard@gicu.org.