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  • Let your ‘someday' dreams start today!

    posted November 18, 2019 in Blog

    The holiday season can be a stressful time for many of us. Whatever your situation and financial status, Greater Iowa Credit Union is here to help try to make the impossible, possible.

  • How To Shop Safely On Black Friday

    posted November 16, 2017 in Blog

    While it's true that Black Friday does pose some serious risks to shoppers, it doesn't mean you need to miss out on any deals. With the proper safety measures and precautionary steps, you can happily join the bargain-hungry crowds flocking to malls and shopping centers on Nov. 24.

  • 7 Ways To Save On Thanksgiving Costs This Month

    posted November 1, 2017 in Blog

    Thanksgiving means giving thanks for all the good in our lives. It can also mean spending an awful lot of money. That's why we've compiled a list of seven easy ways for you to save on your Thanksgiving costs this year.