Welcome to GICU's Achieving Credit Excellence (ACE) Challenge!

Ace Challenge

The ACE Challenge is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and tools needed to understand their current credit scores, manage and maintain a monthly budget, and use this information to help improve their credit scores over time. Members of Greater Iowa Credit Union with a current credit score of 679 or below are eligible to participate in the ACE Challenge to earn a rate decrease as high as 4% over the next 24 months (see rate reduction schedule below). 

We are committed to the financial success of our members and are excited to see all that will be learned, applied, and achieved over the next 24 months.  To start achieving credit excellence today, simply complete the two courses below and complete the ACE Challenge Attestation form.

To qualify, participants must:

  • Have an active email address on file with GICU
  • Be GICU members who have obtained a new personal and/or auto loan through GICU*
  • Complete the required courses and acknowledgement form before your first loan payment is due
  • Make loan payments on time throughout the duration of the 24-month program **
  • Maintain good standing in the credit union

Cumulative Rate Reduction Schedule:

Credit Rating 6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months Total
640-679 -.25% -.25% -.25% -.25% -1%
610-639 -.5% -.5% -.5% -.5% -2%
609 & Below -1.0% -1.0% -1.0% -1.0% -4%

Course One

Course Two

ACE Challenge Attestation

For other educational materials to help you on your way to financial excellence, please visit: https://www.greateriowacu.org/belong/resources/greenpath-financial-assistance/

GICU reserves the right to modify, change or end ACE Challenge at any time.

*Indirect loans may not qualify for this program. Loans will not be re-written to accommodate induction into the program.
**If a monthly loan payment is missed or late, participants will no longer qualify for the ACE Challenge. If members miss a payment, they will maintain the last rate reduction received.