Transition to MasterCard

The switch to MasterCard means more enhanced security and more benefits.

Starting in July 2017, GICU members currently holding VISA® credit cards will be receiving new cards as we transition over to the MasterCard® system. The new GICU MasterCard comes with some additional benefits such as Price Protection, Extended Warranty, Identity Theft Resolution Services, MasterCard Global ServiceTM, MasterCard Airport ConciergeTM and MasterCard Priceless® Cities. The new benefits will be described in the materials you receive with your replacement card.

Watch your mail for the replacement cards and additional information on the process.

Here's some key things to know:

  • The card number will change.
  • Cardholder’s PIN numbers will stay the same. PINs may be used only for cash advances at ATMs. Although your PIN is not changing, you will receive a separate mailing with your current PIN; it will also give you instruction on how to change your PIN.
  • Interest rates and credit limits have not changed; the card still has no annual fee.
  • Members with recurring merchant payments linked to their old card will need to contact these merchants and provide their new card information. This can be easily done through the merchant’s web site or customer service number.

What action do I need to take?

  1. CALL - When you receive your replacement card in the mail, call 1-800-631-3197 to activate the card.
  2. SIGN - Sign the back of the card.
  3. CUT UP - Cut up and discard your old VISA card.

Why are you replacing my existing credit card?
We’ve partnered with MasterCard to improve your benefits and add chip technology to your card at no cost to you.

Why does my new card contain a microchip?
GICU is moving to chip technology because it provides more security and ease of use in other countries and is expected to become standard in the U.S.

Can I keep my old card instead?
No, your current card is being discontinued, so to enjoy uninterrupted service, it’s important to activate and begin using your new GICU MasterCard as soon as it arrives. Please note, your old card will expire on September 3, 2017.

Can I get additional cards for other family members?
Yes, additional cards are available at no cost. To add authorized users to your account, just inquire at any branch or call 1.866.820.3923.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance with your new card, please speak with any of the GICU staff or call the contact center at 1.800.296.9064.