Registered Mortgage Loan Originators

Greater Iowa Credit Union, in compliance with the S.A.F.E. Act, has successfully registered our experienced and skilled mortgage loan originators with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS). Our staff has completed a comprehensive process which included a criminal background and fingerprint check utilizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s extensive data base to become registered with the NMLS. You can count on your mortgage processing to be handled by trustworthy, skilled and competent individuals who are interested in serving you. 

Name Location/Branch Email Address
Don Borcherding

Ames - Lincoln Way
Lynn Carr

Ames - Operations Center
Stephanie Mandernach Ames - Lincoln Way
Matt Koehler Ames - Lincoln Way
Neal Dietz Ames - Operations Center
Mike Phillips Ames - Lincoln Way
Rachel Brazelton Ames - Lincoln Way
Ami Senft Ames - Lincoln Way
Nate Scott Ames - Operations Center
Finny Gray Ames - Lincoln Way
David Detlefs Ames - Operations Center
Robyn Dodd Ames - Operations Center
Michelle Wiemold Ames - Operations Center
Katie Wilson Ames - Operations Center
Crystal Thakhamho Ames - Operations Center
Peggy Wurster Ames - Operations Center
Nathan Cunningham Ames - Somerset

Maryanna Holland Ames - Somerset
Alan Johnson Ames - Operations Center
Sheryl Reynolds Ames - Operations Center
Andy Olinger Ames - Operations Center
Henry Hill Ames - Southgate
LuWanna Book Ames - Southgate
Liesl Fitzpatrick Des Moines - East
Estrella Carrasco Des Moines - East
Helen Dao Des Moines - East
Michelle Reyna Des Moines - East
Alexa Bainbridge Des Moines - East
Melissa Campbell Ames - Somerset
Dulce Hernandez Des Moines - Westown
Carrie Van Hemert Des Moines - Westown
Todd Darland Des Moines - Westown
Rob Francis Des Moines - Westown
Carrie Siepel Des Moines - Westown
Alex Kantner Des Moines - Westown
Josh West Waukee
Loraine Riley Waukee
Greg Bliss Waukee
Laura Loux Waukee
Aldina Muzaferovic Waukee
Holli Engel Waukee
Amber Foley Ames - Lincoln Way
Laura Pfaff Indianola
Geneva Miesner Denison
Gloria Cruz Denison
Janette Olivas Des Moines - Westown

Lois Greder Denison
Sandy Rodriguez Indianola
Brian Dooley Des Moines - East
Sarah Caughey Indianola
Mack Rankin Indianola

Scott Zahnle Ames - Operations Center

Alyssa Boyd

Amber Wiertzema Ames - Lincoln Way