Additional Services

Payroll deduction

Payroll deduction allows the credit union to deduct a set amount from your paycheck to an account of your choice, whether it's a savings or loan account. All you need to do is give Greater Iowa Credit Union authorization for this transaction.

Preauthorized and Automatic Payments

Use preauthorized payments to make a deposit in a savings, checking or loan account. You can set a schedule for automatic payments that meets your needs: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.*

Coin counting

Each Greater Iowa location offers coin counting. 

Notary public service

Some circumstances exist where an employee of Greater Iowa Credit Union needs to witness the signing of a document. Greater Iowa needs to know the signature is original and must see appropriate photo identification. This process only takes a few minutes and is free to our members.

Safe deposit box

Sizes, fees and availability vary by location. 

Safe Deposit Box Inventory

Signature guarantees

Greater Iowa Credit Union offers signature guarantees up to $100,000. This process only takes a few minutes. There is a fee for this service. Here’s what you will need to do to prepare for your signature guarantee:

  • Signers must have a Greater Iowa account
  • Make sure all signers are present and have a valid photo ID
  • Bring verification of ownership of the securities account
  • Bring verification of the value of the transaction your performing (up to $100,000)

*Please note that ACH stop-payments cannot be issued via online banking but must be done through call our contact center or by visiting your local branch.