ATM Cards

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ATM (automated teller machine) cards are the simplest type of card for financial transactions. Currently, ATM cards are issued for GICU members who only have a savings account with credit union or do not qualify for a debit card.

Functions of the ATM card are limited to use with an ATM machine and include:

  • ​withdrawing cash
  • making deposits (at deposit-enabled ATMs)
  • balance inquiries
  • transfer funds between accounts

GICU ATM cards can be requested at any branch or by calling the contact center at 1.800.296.9064. ATM cards can also be instant-issued at the branch.

If your card is lost or stolen, please notify Greater Iowa immediately.

  • During Business Hours: 1.800.296.9064
  • After Business Hours: 1.800.383.8000

Need to set or reset your PIN? 

  1. ​Obtain a reference number from GICU.
    ​​You can either call our Contact Center at 800.296.9064 or ask any staff member for “a reference number to reset your ATM PIN.”
  2. Call SHAZAM EasyPIN at 1.855.327.9746.
    The interactive voice system will prompt you to enter:
     - Last 4 digits of their ATM Card
     - The 8 digit reference code
     - The four digits you want your PIN to be

Once completed, the new PIN will be active immediately.​