Greater Iowa offers a number of accounts to fit your lifestyle. Use the following comparison chart to determine the best checking account for you and your financial needs.

CheckingTM 1

Greater Iowa Prestige Account
Greater Iowa Basic Blue Free
Greater Iowa Fresh Start
Greater Prestige Checking logo Basic Blue logo Fresh Start Checking logo
Minimum To Open $50 $1,000 $0 $0
Minimum Monthly Balance to Avoid Fee $0 $1,0002 $0 $0
Online Banking with GICU Bill Pay Included Included Included Included
Free Mobile Banking Included Included Included Included
Free 24/7 Tellerphone Banking Included Included Included Included
Free eStatements with Check Images Included Included Included Included
Free GICU Owned ATM Transactions Included Included Included Included
Check/ATM/Debit Transactions/Month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Debit Card Daily Limits $1,000 (PIN-based)
  $5,000 (Signature-Based)
$1,000 (PIN-based)
$5,000 (Signature-Based)
$500 (PIN-based)
$3,000 (Signature-Based)
$250 (PIN-based)
$500 (Signature-Based)
Access to over 1,300 Privileged Status ATMs in Iowa - No Surcharge Included Included Included Included
Overdraft Protection Included Included Included Included
Direct Deposit/Automatic Payments Optional Optional Optional Optional
Remote Deposit Optional Optional Optional Not Available
Monthly Service Charge $0

$10 if minimum
balance requirement
is not maintained

$0 $5 + Tax
Dividend Bearing Included Included3

All checking accounts have a minimum age requirement of 18 unless there is a joint holder on the account.

Checking Options Brochure 

GreaterChecking Account Disclosure

Truth in Savings Disclosure

  1. Requirements for GreaterChecking - These requirements must be met, post and settle during the monthly qualification cycle in order to receive the high dividend rate and other benefits:
  • Have a share (membership) account with a minimum balance of $5.00.
  • Have at least twenty (20) debit card purchases totaling $100 (PIN based or signature based) from their Greater Iowa debit card, and the purchases must post and settle prior to the close of business on the last business day of the month.
  • The membership associated with the GreaterChecking account must elect to receive electronic statements (e-Statements) in lieu of paper statements by registering or linking for e-Statements* with a valid email address; please see the Electronic Statement Disclosure in the Membership Agreement for further information on this product.
  • Have a direct deposit of at least $100 per month in the GreaterChecking account or at least one payment made via Greater Iowa bill pay from the GreaterChecking account (internal transfers are excluded and do not qualify) prior to the close of business on the last business day of the month.

High dividend rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY) will be earned on balance up to $20,000.

  1. Refund usage fees up to $10/month for using out-of-network or non-Privileged Status™ ATMs. Refunds are only paid if member qualifies that month.
  2. Paid on balances that maintain $1,000 daily balance.