EasyPIN - Reset Your PIN Number

Need to reset your debit or ATM PIN? GICU members can now use the Shazam® EasyPIN system and update their PIN with one simple phone call.

Shazam EasyPIN - 1.800.717.4923

You must call from one of the phone numbers GICU has on file for you. Cardholder must also have the physical card to complete the process.

• debit or ATM card number
• last 4 digits of the primary account holder’s social security number or ITIN number
• card expiration date
• three-digit security code (CVC code) on the back of the card

The interactive voice system will prompt you to enter the information noted above. Once completed, the new PIN will be active immediately.

Not sure which phone number or social security/ITIN number GICU has on file for you? We can help. Just give our contact center a call at 1.800.296.9064.


Q. Why do I have to call from a phone number GICU has on file?
A: Part of the security and identity confirmation process includes matching your phone number to our system.

Q: Is there a delay in activating the new PIN or is it immediate?
A: Once you’ve completed the process from the interactive phone system, the new PIN will be active.

Q: Can I still repin at the branch?
A: If you have a mag stripe-only card, you can still change your pin. If your card has a chip, you can only change your pin using the EasyPIN process.

Q: What if I don’t know what phone number is on file for me?
A: Call our contact center at 1.800.296.9064 or speak to any branch staff; they can look up the phone numbers currently on file.

Q: What if my account does not have a social security number or ITIN number attached to it?
A: Call our contact center at 1.800.296.9064 or speak to any branch staff; they can assist you.​

Q: Are there certain hours I can call?
A: The system is interactive, so you don’t actually speak to a live person. You can call at any time.