Pre-paid Gift Cards

Prepaid Gift Cards

Greater Iowa Credit Union offers stored-value VISA gift cards! It's the perfect gift for anyone - they can get exactly what they want with it!

Register your VISA Gift Card

How does it work?

You can purchase a VISA gift card at any of our branch locations. You can store any amount between $5.00 and $750.00 on the gift card, and use it just like a credit card. The difference is once you spend all the money on the card, it is gone, and does not act as a line of credit. This makes the Greater Iowa Credit Union gift card a great tool for teens learning about budgeting!

How much does a VISA gift card cost?

The cost to buy a card is just $3.

How do I get one?

To purchase a VISA gift card, you will need to stop into any of our branches.

Important VISA Gift Card Contact Information:
  • Lost/Stolen cards or balance inquiries: 800-721-3978
  • View your account balance online or register your card: