Greater Iowa Credit Union and COVID-19 response

An important update regarding our branch lobby service:

Due to recent recommendations on behalf of the government and in order to maintain the health and safety of our members, employees and our communities, beginning end of day Friday, March 20, 2020, all public Greater Iowa Credit Union branch lobbies will be closed until further notice. Drive-thru locations and ITMs will remain open.

During this time, we are committed to ensure access to your finances and are here to assist you with any issues or questions this operational change may cause. 

How to access your finances.

  • Drive-thru locations – open to complete cash transactions including withdrawals and deposits, loan payments, etc.
    • Drive-thru locations available: Lincoln Way (Ames), Somerset (Ames) Westown (West Des Moines), and Denison
  • Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) – available to complete teller transactions remotely
    • ITM locations available: Southgate (Ames), Indianola, and Waukee​
  • ATMs – available 24/7
  • Online and Mobile Banking – available 24/7 to transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, make loan payments, remotely deposit checks, transfer funds to other members, etc.

Have a question? We’re here for you!

  • Drive-thru locations – employees can help you through any questions you have
  • ITMs – speak to a live teller from our Contact Center, for a virtual teller experience
  • Contact Center – available to assist members with any questions or complications during normal hours of operation; Monday thru Friday 8AM – 6PM and Saturday 9AM – 1PM.

What if I need to access my safe deposit box, sign loan documents or just need assistance by a real person?

  • Contact Center staff will work to schedule an appointment to access your safe deposit box.
  • GICU staff will work with you to set up an appointment to sign any necessary documents or assist you with you in-person needs.
    • Please Note: The East Des Moines location will not be taking any appointments after March 31st due to the remodel. (La sucursal de East Des Moines no tomará citas después del 31 de Marzo.)
  • Greater Iowa Advisor, Jim Wilterdink, will also meet with members by appointment.

Anti-Fraud awareness.

During troubling times scammers tend to prey on others. It can take a lot of time and patience to resolve identity fraud issues. You need to be on your guard for any attempts to trick you into revealing your personal information by scammers impersonating Greater Iowa or any other institutions. Please review some tips to keep your personal information and accounts safe!

Lost your debit card? No problem.

Contact center staff can assist you during normal business hours by calling 800.296.9064.

Is my money safe?

  • YES! All of your deposits at Greater Iowa are Federally Insured by the National Credit Union Administration for up to $250,000.00 and private insurance by Excess Share Insurance Corporation for $250,000 above that. No matter what happens, private insurance and the Federal Government have you covered. 
  • Greater Iowa is very strong financially and (just like all financial institutions across the country) consistently examined by officials from Federal, State, & Local agencies.
  • Staff will continue to be available to help, no matter what the situation, even in the most unpredictable of times, we are here for you!

Hardship Assistance.

  • In an effort to affirm GICU is here to help our members during this time of need, we are taking steps to ensure members are taken care of. If you have been financially impacted by COVID-19, please contact one of our team members at 800.296.9064 to see how we may help.

Mortgages and other loans.

  • Due to current market conditions Greater Iowa is experiencing an increased level of inquiries about mortgage and other loan options. It may take longer to return your call or reply to your email than either of us would like. Please know that we will get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your business and thank you for your patience as we all work through this.

Please note, we do not take making this decision lightly.  The health and safety of our members, our communities, and our employees are our priority. Thank you for your continued trust.

Scott Zahnle Signature

Scott Zahnle
President/CEO, Greater Iowa Credit Union