Kindness Challenge

Kindness Challenge #GICUSpreadsSmiles

Random Acts of Kindness Day is Monday, February 17th
but GICU is celebrating all month long!

We are challenging you to help spread kindness by completing as many random acts of kindness throughout the month of February as you can. As you complete and receive acts of kindness, please share your experiences by tagging @GreaterIowaCU on social media and use #GICUSpreadsSmiles to encourage and challenge others to do the same!

“Kindness is igniting a light in someone else for no reason other than to watch them enjoy the glow.” – RAKtivist via

Who's ready to spread kindness like confetti? See how many Random Acts of Kindness you can complete throughout the month of February!

#1    Write a positive message and leave it somewhere for people to see 
#2    Call up a friend or family member to catch up
#3    Pick up trash
#4    Leave a special surprise for your mail carrier or delivery driver 
#5    Write out someone’s best qualities and share it with them 
#6    Raise money or donate to a cause like this month’s GiveIowa non-profit organization
#7    Leave a penny heads-up for someone else   
#8    Praise a business in an online review
#9    Smile and wave at everyone you see
#10  Mail someone something special
#11  Leave money or a paid snack at a vending machine
#12  Pay for the person behind you
#13  Leave quarters at a laundromat  
#14  Take supplies to a homeless shelter 
#15  Send an email to a teacher that has had an impact on you, a child, or someone you know 
#16  Donate supplies to an animal shelter
#17  Make or buy treats and take them to neighbors, coworkers, or friends
#18  Leave a generous tip   
#19  Gift an inspirational book
#20  Mail thank you notes to your local police or fire department
#21  Prepay a parking meter for someone or tape change to it
#22  Donate food to a local pantry
#23  Send an email or text to a coworker or friend who deserves extra praise
#24  Donate coloring books and crayons to a local children’s hospital
#25  Give someone a gift card
#26  Donate old clothes
#27  Donate books to a Little Free Library
#28  Leave a gas card at the gas pump
#29  Take flower arrangements to a hospital
#30  Write a gratitude list for yourself because you deserve kindness too

Bonus Ideas:

>  Give someone a hug
>  Leave your quarter in your cart at Aldi
>  Offer to scrape off someone's windshield at work
>  Send your parents a date night gift card
>  Endorse a skill or leave a positive recommendation on LinkedIn
>  Send a postcard to someone from out of town
>  Invite neighbors over for dinner or take them a homemade dinner
>  Bring coffee to a co-worker in a different department
>  Text someone good morning or good night
>  Shovel snow for neighbors
>  Return estranged shopping carts to the return area
>  Reminisce and share your favorite memories with friends

Visit to learn more ways to make kindness the norm!