Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates

Linda Ashby

Experience: Current GICU Associate Director - Former GICU and Former ISEACU Director

Employer: Berkshire Hathaway Home Services First Realty

Occupation: Independent Contractor / Sales Associate  

Linda Ashby – West Des Moines

Why do you wish to serve on the Board?

“Through my work experiences and volunteer experiences I have had the opportunities to earn degrees, certificates, CEU’s, and attend numerous local, state, and national conferences/annual meetings. I believe strongly in Credit Union Motto, “People helping People”.  I have a passion to emulate that through service. A proud moment for me was when I received the 2017 Volunteer Cooperative Spirit Award at the Iowa Credit Union Annual Convention. The credit union has ‘been there’ for me and I will continue to do my part for others.

Because of term limits, I could not serve another term on the GICU Board of Directors until I had taken at least one year off. I was asked to then serve as an Associate Director on the credit committee and have done so in this capacity for two years. I now have a desire to move back to the Board of Director level.”

pol herrmann

Employer: Iowa State University

Occupation: Bob and Kay Smith Professor of Entrepreneurship

Pol Herrmann – Ames

Why do you wish to serve on the Board?

“My business experience includes serving as marketing manager of Cosideco, a firm that represented Acer’s computer systems. I was also a product manager in Citibank, where I developed new investment products and formulated strategic plans; and conducted cost analysis and marketing research. I was also the marketing manager of “Seguros Equinnocial” the largest insurance firm in Ecuador, where I formulated and implemented marketing plans, As Mardis’ general manager, I developed and conducted marketing research programs and executive training responsibilities. As a consultant, I developed strategic plans in several industries. As a professor, I am constantly writing academic articles, making presentations, and leading class discussions with students as the undergraduate and graduate levels.”

leo kanne

Experience: Former Heartland CU Director

Employer: United Food and Commercial Workers Local 440

Occupation: President

Leo Kanne – Denison

Why do you wish to serve on the Board?

“I had served on the Board of Directors for Heartland Credit Union as Chairman prior to the merger with Greater Iowa. I wish to become involved again to see how I can help Greater Iowa better succeed in Denison and across the state. I also feel that I can be an advocate for the diverse population that utilizes Greater Iowa Credit Union.

I have experience in negotiating dozens of lucrative collective bargaining agreements, representing thousands of members for everything from pay disputes to unjust terminations and organizing the unorganized during his eleven-year career with the UFCW. Prior to that I worked various production jobs and had over twenty years of experience as an industrial mechanic with Smithfield Farmland Corp in Denison Iowa. It was during this time that I was elected to the board of directors of Heartland Credit Union (later merged with Greater Iowa CU) for two terms including one as Chairman. I have been a member of what is now Greater Iowa since 1986.”

karlos kirby

Experience: Former GICU Director

Employer: US Government (US Navy)

Occupation: Deputy Director, Public Affairs for Presidential Inaugural Support

Karlos Kirby – District of Columbia

Why do you wish to serve on the Board?

“As a longtime member of GICU, I have a vested interest in our credit union’s success, especially with the continuous legislation the banking industry brings against the credit union’s non-profit status. I believe that my education, background, and experience give me a solid foundation to help represent my follow GICU members (and staff) with the establishment of policy, oversight, and strategic direction. I also think my supportive schedule will allow me the time required to critically assess potential strategies, operations, and corporate governance. Most of all, I believe this would be a great opportunity to serve.”